Friday, December 30, 2011

Musings on the Pop Up December 2011

Untitled (Leather Jacket)
Bristol has always been a City overflowing with Artists and Creatives of various types which makes it all the more surprising that there are few spaces for exhibiting non traditional  artwork. Excluding the Arnolfini and Spike Island which tend to curate major international exhibitions years in advance, Centrespace is really the only other permanent space large enough and suitable for Installation, sculpture and video works. There is also a long standing tradition for Artists in Bristol to be quite proactive in organising Art Trails, Setting up studios and creating Pop Up events long before that term existed!
This all has the positive advantage that those in the know will always be willing to visit non traditional or paid for spaces without the prejudice that has sometimes be associated with such proactive ventures in some Cities in the past. The Pop Up shop & event phenomena of recent years has also added to the acceptability and excitement of such events. 

Having achieved the fortunate position of Galleries paying me & supporting the installations in various ways it was something of an experiment, a leap of faith, to return to a self curated and invijilated exhibition. With less than a month to organise, create new work, publicise and set up the show we had no way of knowing who would visit the exhibition or if it would be listed anywhere. Knowing that exhibitions of less than a weeks duration are rarely listed in National publications, I concentrated my efforts online and in local magazines and was fortunate enough to be a Venue magazine 'recommended' exhibition despite deciding not to send out my usual press release or images.

Centrespace Gallery is an excellent space with very good facilities but it is down an ancient long, and narrow, if atmospheric alleyway in the middle of Bristol. We knew in advance that the usual walk-by surprise element the sculptures in particular offer would be missing. We also discovered that the Gallery appears to have few frequent visitors, of the hundreds that came into the show, with the exception of Artists from the adjoining Studios, only a couple appeared to know of its existence and had visited before. 
Overall the exhibition was well worth organising despite the short run up, the shop in particular with items I had made and Kevs Classic Comics area were very successful. We met some very interesting people and renewed old friendships. The complimentary mince pies were a really good opening conversation starter for browsers and potential collectors alike. There was no time to organise anything like our previously successful sponsorship deals and we knew we were unlikely to get anything like the numbers at previous openings as the Christmas (corporate, council and friends) party season came to a massive steaming head of Pound shop Santa hats on the very night we chose as there were no other real options with set up being on the Thursday night and Friday early morning. It was however a turnout of quality if not quantity!

Many big hearted thanks to Kev for his continued support and help. Cheers to a productive & successful New Year! New website design on it's way!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lost not Found:Abscission Edinburgh August 2009

Each exhibition, each show, each project is different from any other. You can be as organized as a swarm of bees, have tick lists, files, folders, hand written and digitized. You can have ideas and thoughts, experiment with materials, enjoy the creative process. But... there is nothing quite like that excited anticipation, stirred up every now and again with a queasy feeling of terrored panic, to focus the mind on the fact that a deadline is looming. And there is nothing quite like a little press interest to really focus the mind! If you are in Edinburgh during August this year and interested in Art or treasure hunts with few clues then you might want to take part in Lost not Found: Abscission. There will be 28 small artworks secreted around Edinburgh for the duration of the Fringe Festival. Participants who find a piece of work will be asked to follow the instructions on the box, take a photograph if possible and contact the Artist for a Certificate Of Authenticity. If you have any stories of lost or found, stolen or returned then please do contact me. The initial press release is below and more details about the exhibition on my website here.

*****PRESS RELEASE***** 29th Jun2009 Artist inspired to Edinburgh exhibition by theft of Artwork. Since a life-size sculpture was stolen from the artists exhibition in 1999 Heather Tweed has been musing on thoughts of lost objects and the Limbo world they may end up in. The seated 'Leopardess' sculpture created using faux fur and a fur coat that once belonged to the artist's Nana has never turned up although she is always on the lookout for potential clues to its whereabouts. Thieves broke into the art gallery in Bath after a series of thefts of sunglasses from other sculptures the artist had exhibited in other galleries across the South West of England were reported in the media. Heather is planning an interactive site-specific exhibition to take place during one of the busiest and exciting cultural events in the UK, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and themes of loss, reunion and serendipity will form the basis for the artworks. "Most people have lost at least one thing during their life and many people are still seeking something. This art project may not bring anything back but a few folk might just find something else if they keep eyes peeled!" The artist says enigmatically. "You might be a finder and a keeper. There are also plenty of interesting stories out there that need to be told and if anyone knows the whereabouts of my sculpture please let me know!" The project entitled Lost not Found: Abscission takes place during August. The artist will be secreting small artworks at various locations across Edinburgh City centre, finders are requested to follow the attached instructions to participate in the project and keep the artwork. Please visit over the course of the project for updates, participants and final outcome. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Listing details: Lost not Found: Abscission
A series of interventions and interactive art projects by Heather Tweed. Edinburgh EH1
7th - 31st August 2009
12am - 12am
Free ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About the Artist Heather Tweed is a prize-winning artist based in the UK. She has exhibited widely across the country (with pieces in New York, Tokyo and The National Library Of Congress, Washington) and been involved in a variety of projects over the years including teaching, workshops, artist lead exhibitions as well as exhibiting in traditional art galleries and alternative spaces. She was an early Saatchi Online Gallery Critic's Choice and her eye-catching life-size faux fur sculptures based on Anubis s the ancient Egyptian god of the afterlife scare and delight the viewer in equal measure. She fulfilled a childhood dream of a trip to Egypt when the British Council invited her to take part in a two year artists and education project between Cairo, Alexandria and Bristol in the UK About The Artwork The Artists recent work, developed since the Anubis Other World Tour series of exhibitions began in June 1997, features Anubis, the Ancient Egyptian God of the Afterlife, in a variety of contemporary guises and settings. These witty, haunting and captivating tableaux explore the jackal, wolf and lupine qualities evident in the world of the dream, nightmare and collective unconscious. Many of the ideas explored by the artist are linked by a long fascination with ancient Egyptian mythology and iconography and memories of a childhood recurring nightmare. [Lost not Found:Abscission] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also on in Edinburgh during August!